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Project Overview

We helped internationally renowned architecture firm CLOU reimagine their digital online presence


    UX & UI Design
    Digital Design


May, 2022


CLOU Architects


Beijing, Shanghai & Shenzhen

Initial Explorations

A collection of early ideas generated at the very beginning of the project, some of which led us to the final outcome.

Concept Development

CLOU wanted an innovative way to display their work. It needed to be visually impressive but most importantly, functional. It was this key desire that led to the development of the project ring, which sits at the epicentre of the website.

Geometric project carousel

We knew we had to elevate this core feature beyond a two-dimensional scrolling experience. We wanted to create something memorable, something innovative. Inspired by the physical nature of the architectural world, we began to conceptualise how we might combine project imagery and 3D geometry to create a more digitally tactile interface. The resulting 3D interface is able to handle a large number of project images, something that would have been impossible to achieve in a more traditional approach. In addition, the ring tells a deeper story, becoming an interactive data visualisation that enables users to glean comparative insights into the specialisms and nuances of CLOU’s projects, from genre and scale to status and scope.

Bilingual design considerations

A major consideration was the bilingual requirements of the site. It needed to look good with both English or Chinese characters. Therefore, while designing we layed out two versions of the site in tandem to ensure this was well considered throughout the design process.

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